EMPOWERMENT through Branding
– Rediscover value. Promote yourselves. Achieve new heights  –


Tottori Convention Bureau Foundation hosts a “Tourism Convention Seminar”, once a year, and the theme for 2017 was  “Branding”.

 Tottori has beautiful nature, outstanding food and global leading art environment whilst losing it’s population year by year, ending up to be the least populated prefecture in Japan.

Tottori is now trying harder than ever, to brand themselves to their citizens to strengthen internal pride and confidence, and to appeal domestically and internationally to draw more attention and visitors towards its prefecture.

Tottori Convention Bureau, strongly supporting all entities in Tottori, is aggressively providing educational opportunities to those were are proactive to change the situation.

Beeans Inc., focused to address and deliver a tip for what Tottori’s people can do in short term and mid-long term, most important mindset is to



Beeans Inc.はこの想いを受け、「鳥取の方々がブランディングをどのように捉え、