Holidays For All” is an event hosted by SECOURS POPULAIRE FRANÇAIS(SPF), there are 1 out of 3 children, 1 out of 2 adults never being able to go on vacations because of poverty. So on August 19th 2015, 70,000 from 70 different countries were invited to Champ de Mars, to enjoy a holiday together. It is an event that brought courage and happiness to many people.


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Rakuten Inc. was exhibiting their mobile library campaign through this event, which will start to operate as a regular event across France; this is such a charitable campaign for people who have less access to library daily, thus Rakuten Inc. was specially invited by SPF to join this event.


Beeans Inc. was in charge of Rakuten Inc.’s booth, from design, planning to the actual operation, with the hope of having more attendants to experience mobile library. It is a shame that we could not have everyone sit down and read a book relaxingly, but we did have many people standing around and reading. It was a successful event for Rakuten Inc., SPF as well as all the people visited the mobile library.

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