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Golden Eagle, the model of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles’s mascot, is facing extinction. To save this animal, Rakuten CSR team started “Save the Golden Eagles” project in 2012, and in 2014 it became project “Rakuten Forest“, broadening the meaning to creating a better environment for all living creatures.


And now, Rakuten Forest is growing global. From 2015, Rakuten Forest started in Indonesia and Brazil. Beeans Inc. was planning, organizing and implementing the tree planting event. Utilizing the forest planting knowledge from Japan, Rakuten CSR helped the local community to start the regeneration of forest, which was also benefiting the water shortage problem in both places.


During the event, Beeans Inc. collaborated with local partners and communities, made this activity a very memorable thing for the local areas. Beeans Inc. also supported the beach volleyball match between Japan and both countries.