Rakuten Green Tour in ASEAN


Rakuten announced its Asian extention of the Rakuten Green Tour, started in the USA in 2015.

In January 2016, the Green Tour was launched in Singapore.
Rakuten wanted to use the influence of sports to raise eco-awareness towards kids, with the help of NPOs and professional athletes.


Rakuten developed its collaboration with sport organizations and non -profit organizations to go further in its CSR initiatives around the world. Together, they worked on identifying environmental issues, that would matter to the people who are living in those regions. Making people commit would influence also the next generation by enhancing their environmental awareness.

The event was based on lectures on environmental issues, followed with activities such as kayak, dragonboat, beach volleyball, or beach soccer, etc.

Beeans Inc. was in charge of the coordination between the different participants to the project, and implemented the event itself.


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