Want these Facebook magic?

See how we make it happen.

Facebook magic does not happen if you create a Facebook page,
it only happens when you do it right.

1Eye-catching design

2Catch right fan base

By benchmarking competitors' fan page, we manage to gather the right crowd with relatively low budget; accurate targeting also gives us extremely high CTRs (over 4.5% on average).

3Tailor-made campaigns

Traditional type of advertisements always appear to be costly and less efficient for individual business owners. SNS promotion on the contrary works for all sorts of business, large or small, global or local.

4Accurate geographical targeting

Many people come to us asking to have their product ’global’, we always send them back happily with only few regions on the list, while having their online sales grown by 20%. Beeans Inc. online marketing specialists across the world will find the right place for your products.

5Automation and Personalization

Beeans Inc.’s unique algorithm helps you target the right people at the right time based on customer behavior and preferences. Get started with our experienced specialists to figure out your initial personalized targeting options, then wait to see your advertisement performance improves with our automated yet personalized system.

6Target smarter

Choose a way (or a combination of a few) of targeting using social media advertisement’s deep targeting function, we will analyze and build new segments of likeminded people from your audiences’ reactions.

7Grow the list

By targeting your fans you are exposed to their connections simultaneously; the potential is unlimited.

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