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With Beeans Inc.’s effort, our client Freescale was made the official series sponsor of Japan Super GT racing series. The goal however was not in the racing itself, but also to use it as a marketing tool for branding, lead generation as well as R&D. The result was direct business revenue increase, which is almost unimaginable at the starting of the 3 years project.



From the branding prospective, Freescale got to expose their brand both during the race, which involves half a million audiences every year, as well as on TV coverage nationwide.





From Lead generation prospective, Beeans Inc. created VIP hospitality space for Freescale, to invite distributors and clients, and provided an extremely unique VIP experience for potential clients and business partners, utilizing the experience of LIVE car race, passenger”s seat experience, parade run (bus ride in race track) and other various entertainment race tracks offer.


From R&D prospective, Freescale”s engineers got to test latest company technology onto the racing car, and have the performance documented for future business implementation.