About Beeans Inc.

Beeans Inc. is a project management and consulting expert.

Project Management & Consulting Company

Project Management

Beeans Inc. helps your company initiate, promote, improve, and enhance projects with project management skills, which is the foundation of all tasks.


Beeans Inc. supports with wide range experience by accompanying you in setting project goals, creating plans, and formulating strategies. Uniqueness establishes us working "together" with the client, differentiates from ordinary consulting companies.


Project Management & Consulting Service

Beeans Inc. acts as a contact point for cooperating with companies and stakeholders, which normally cannot be conducted by one specific company. We fulfill all your needs with our unique ”Total Service”.
The secret of our ”Total Service” is that we are able to provide comprehensive support from global business skills, Leadership, coordination, negotiation, and planning, based on our project management and consulting skills.


Beeans Inc.'s Attitude

Beeans Inc. supports you as a ”member” of your team, not as your subcontractor.
We are extremely keen to perceive of your business mechanism and employee correlation diagram, which are not much focused by other outsourcing companies. Based on this understanding, our project management and consulting services ensures the project success.


Furthermore, we value our clients to reach the ”insourcing” level.

We support the accumulation of project management skills and know-how throughout the organization to promote smooth, risk-free operations in daily basis. In addition, we infiltrate the Total Service" skill into the organization for high sustainable results

We aim to create an organization where each staff can demonstrate positive effects and high efficiency for empowerment.