SUPER GT x DTM Dream Race

SUPER GT x DTM Dream Race

It was a dream collaboration between two categories that were never crossed paths, the Japanese domestic top category, SUPER GT, and the European top category German Touring Championship, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM). More than 51,800 motorsports fans all over the world came to Fuji Speedway, one of the most famous Japan circuits, to enjoy the dream race held for the first time. 


Main project area

  • New project

Supporting project areas for the success

  • Branding project
  • Global MICE project

Project Launch

As the races were held overseas, there was normally no opportunity to watch them live. Although this dream match was an everlasting goal, the organizers couldn't determine measures to realize the event due to the complexity of the international project with mutual objectives and ambition of the two persisting their own objectives and benefits.


Initiatives of Beeans Inc.

Beeans Inc. established the organizational structure by managing the 3 parties, Super GT organized by GT Association, DTM organized by ITR GmbH, and the circuit, Fuji Speedway.
Afterward, Beeans Inc. developed and managed project plans, defined roles and responsibilities, and also visualized all tasks.

Project success

Based on the project management and consulting skills, Beeans Inc. effectively managed the three major stakeholders as "One Team," leading the event to success and concurrently achieving individual goals. The first attempt in history was a great success. Even now, yearnings are awaiting the second dream match from motorsports fans around the globe.


Beeans Inc. managed about 150 people invloved as PMO.


Usually requires support from up to 6 companies


Support from Beeans Inc. is all you need