3-Year project (3YP) of Fuji International Speedway

3-Year project (3YP) of Fuji International Speedway

The 3-year project (3YP) is an in-house project launched within Fuji Speedway (FSW). FSW, one of the most famous international circuits in Japan, is undergoing major reforms from 2022 to 2023, including the opening of the Fuji Speedway Hotel and Motorsports Village.

Inaugurated by these external factors, FSW aims to rebuild and empower its organization and structure to stay competitive as a leading company in the motorsport field for generations to come. Beeans Inc. is driving and supporting the project as Project Management Office(PMO).


Main project area

  • New project

Supporting project areas for the success

  • Organizational Strengthening Project

Before Beeans Inc. joined

3YP project was launched with 4 dedicated project teams composed of different departments, aiming for the long-term growth of motorsports as well as customer satisfaction improvement. 

However, the progress has been slow with minimum progress due to lack of experience, skills, strategies towards new initiatives. In addition, there was no cross-functional communication among the teams and lost track during the process. FSW did not see any promising panacea to handle and overcome this difficult situation.


Initiatives of Beeans Inc.

Beeans Inc. takes on the role of the Project Management Office (PMO) and provides support for the overall project promotion.

With project management and consulting skills, we act as coaches, working closely with the members clarifying each team's goals and the essential action plans.


Project progress

Currently, Beeans Inc. manages the day-to-day activities to achieve the short-term goals based on the 3-year plan.

We have been responsible for clarifying tasks, coaching strategic document preparation for top stakeholders, and directing the path for the entire 3YP project.

We also participate in meetings of each team regularly to ensure all members' progress, coaching individuals with insufficient skills and maximizing the effectiveness to meet each project deadline.


Usually requires support from up to 6 companies


Support from Beeans Inc. is all you need